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Premium Cream Farm Milk With Bottle

Farm 2 You

Premium Cream Farm Milk With Bottle

R 48.00

Farm to You removes nothing from their milk. It is premium cream with approximately 4%-5% cream as opposed to normal full cream milk at 3%. It is pasteurized and naturally sweet, making deliciously creamy coffees, hot drinks, cereals and baking. Farm to You milk comes in returnable glass bottles. A R30 bottle deposit is included in the selling price. A refund for your bottle can be collected in-store when bottles are returned.

Important Notice: To preserve as much of the goodness and taste as possible, while still safely eliminating unwanted bacteria, Farm 2 You milk is single pasturised instead of pasturised multiple times. While it tastes incredible and is mind blowing, this does mean it has a 7-day shelf life. Due to lockdown logistical constraints, we are receiving one delivery of milk per week on a Tuesday which will expire on Mondays, regardless of which day you receive your delivery. Please bear this in mind when ordering for deliveries later in the week. If you order milk for Monday's delivery we will gladly keep fresh milk aside for you to fetch from the store on Tuesday morning.