Recipes, Benefits And Uses Of Cacao Powder

Cacao powder is powdered cacao beans, the same raw beans used to make cocoa powder. The process for making cocoa powder involves roasting the bean and alkalizing the powder to neutralise acidity. Cacao processing does not include roasting or alkalizing the powder therefore retaining more nutrients and enzymes, with a lighter colour and more bitter taste in the final product.

Nutritional Benefits Of Cacao Powder

Cacao powder has about half the amount of fat and is higher in magnesium, iron and potassium than cocoa powder.

Where Is Cacao Powder From?

Raw cacao powder originates from the same tree and bean as cocoa powder. Because it is processed in a different way the final product often originates from a different origin to cocoa powder. Our cacao powder is sourced from Peru and South America.

cacao beans and cacao powder isolated on white background

How Is Cacao Powder Used?

Cacao powder can be used as a substitute for cocoa powder in many applications. It has a slightly different taste and acidity level and therefore some research is recommended to ensure you extract maximum nutritional benefits without impact to final product. We found this article on how to substitute cacoa and cocoa most useful.

Recipes Using Cacao Powder

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whole foods 001

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