Recipes, Benefits And Uses Of Popcorn As A Healthy Snack

Popcorn is a locally grown variety of corn with a kernel that puffs and expands when correctly heated. There are 2 varieties of popcorn: butterfly and mushroom, with the butterfly popcorn being the most common.

Nutritional Benefits Of Popcorn

Popcorn is high in fibre and great for digestion in natural form. It makes a great snackfood.

Where Is Popcorn From?

South Africa is one of the largest butterfly popcorn producers globally. Butterfly popcorn is the variety of popcorn commonly used for popcorn eaten plain or with toppings. All butterfly popcorn available in South Africa is locally produced.

uncooked popcorn kernals

Alternative Uses For Popcorn

Popcorn has many alternative uses. It can be added to salads and soups instead of croutons or used within homemade granola bars or on top of oatmeal for extra crunch and texture.

Recipes Using Popcorn

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