Epsom Salt Uses, Recipes And Benefits

Epsom salt (also known as magnesium sulphate) occurs naturally in some mineral springs and can also be produced by heating the magnesium sulphate mineral (also known as kieserite) which occurs naturally in marine evaporated areas. It is commonly known as drawing paste for its ability to draw out toxins and foreign bodies. Epsom salt is also used in agriculture to improve magnesium and sulfur levels in the soil without impacting PH.

Natural Benefits Of Epsom Salts

The most common known home use for  epsom salt is as a detoxifying bath salt. Because of its ability to draw out foreign bodies and toxins epsom salt also has many uses within medicine. Food grade epsom salt can be used internally as a mild laxative or applied topically to boils or splinters. Epsom salt is incredibly useful in gardening to improve soil health for certain potted plants, vegetables and crops.

Where Is Epsom Salt From?

Majority of the global production of magnesium sulphate happens in China, followed by the USA. South Africa does not locally produce magnesium sulphate.


Epsom Salt Uses In Natural Living

Epsom salts is a great product to have in your pantry. It can be used to remove splinters, treat skin inflammation and mild infections like boils and of course used as a detoxifying bath salt. If you are an avid gardener epsom salt is valuable in providing soil nutrients to your plants.

Epsom Salt Uses In Home And Personal Care

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