Extra Strength White Spirit Vinegar Uses, Benefits And Recipes

Normal white spirit vinegar is a solution of 95% water and 5% acetic acid. Extra strength spirit vinegar consists of 10% acetic acid and 90% water. Vinegar is a potent preserving, degreasing and disinfecting agent.

Benefits Of Extra Strength Spirit Vinegar

The acidity level in white vinegar together with its clear colour, make it a potent cleaning agent while still mild enough to not pose any significant risk. The acetic acid in vinegar is particularly good at dissolving mineral and fatty buildups or protein stains and kills most common household and food bacteria like e.coli, salmonella, and others. Extra strength vinegar can easily be diluted to standard vinegar for use in cooking by adding water.

Where Is Spirit Vinegar From?

The acetic acid in vinegar is produced by fermenting sugar cane into ethanol (an alcohol), then fermenting the alcohol into acetic acid. Our extra strength spirit vinegar is 100% South African made.

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Extra Strength White Spirit Vinegar Uses

Vinegar is widely used as a preserving, cleaning, degreasing and disinfecting agent. It can also be used in baking as a reagent for leveling agents like baking soda. Extra strength vinegar can easily be diluted to be used in baking applications as standard vinegar or kept in its boosted form as a more effective disinfectant and cleaning agent.

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