Recipes, Benefits And Uses Of Non-GMO Polenta

Polenta is a term given to a range of ground grains in a range of different particle size, depending on where you live in the world. In South Africa, Polenta is commonly known as the coarse ground grain of the yellow maize plant. Yellow maize is locally produced with the vast majority of it being GMO. Production of NON-GMO varieties is rare but growing in popularity.

Nutritional Benefits Of Non-GMO Polenta

Unlike white maize which is generally converted into maize meal or 'pap', yellow maize contains beta carotene which converts to vitamin A when digested. The nutritional profile of maize reflects a rich source of B vitamins, magnesium , potassium and calcium.

Where Is Non-GMO Polenta From?

Polenta is the coarse ground grain of yellow maize. Yellow Maize is locally produced across South Africa.

Composition from corn, maize flour and corn oil

How Is Non-GMO Polenta Used?

Polenta has grown in popularity in recent years. Most commonly grown produced as a staple food used in relief efforts it is now increasingly used as a coating in fried dishes, breakfast porridges and a replacement for wheat-based pasta, it has a huge variety of uses.

Recipes Using Non-GMO Polenta

Breakfast Polenta Pancakes

By Roxanne | Sep 30, 2020

The biggest request we get from customers is for sugar-free breakfast ideas. These easy and incredibly delicious polenta pancakes by Chef Catherine Garden from Fennel and Fig are the perfect breakfast alternative. They can be dressed up into a savoury or a naturally sweet version, and whipped up in 15 minutes. Why Polenta as a…

Polenta Savoury Muffin Recipe

By Roxanne | Apr 11, 2020

Sweet muffin recipes are easy to come by but a good savoury muffin recipe is a bit more tricky to find. This polenta savoury muffin recipe is a must! It is easy and so versatile. It is a great base recipe to sneak in some steamed or cooked veg. These muffins freeze really well and…

Gluten Free, Mixed Ancient Grains Porridge

By Roxanne | Mar 19, 2019

Whether you are gluten intolerant or not ancient grain porridges are an amazing, wholesome start to a day. Unfortunately they tend to sit on the baby food shelves in stores so we aren’t exposed to a wide variety of them anymore. We have to hunt them down. But when it comes to gluten free breakfasts…