Recipes, Benefits And Uses Of Dried Apple

Dried apples are useful in baking, museli and in condiments. Locally produced from the significant fruit and apple industry in South Africa they are usually readily available and an easy way to get your daily fruit or fiber intake.

Nutritional Benefits Of Dried Apple

Dired apples are high in dietary fibre and B vitamins. Like all dehydrated fruits they lose their vitamin C and A in the dehydration process but are still high in fiber and B vitamins.

Where Is Dried Apple From?

South Africa has a large fruit production industry centered around the Western Cape and Mpumalanga areas. Apples form a d=sgnificant part of the industry and therefore all our dried apples are locally sourced.

Dried apples in wicker basket, isolated on white

How Are Dried Apples Used?

Dried apple pieces are often used in stewed fruit, museli recipes, in trail mixes or in condiments. Naturally sweet, they make a tasty addition to many baking recipes.

Recipes Using Dried Apples

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