Recipes, Benefits And Uses Of Wholegrain Spelt

Spelt is also known as dinkel wheat or hulled wheat. It is a species of wheat cultivated since 5000 BC. It has traditionally been cultivated as the staple grain in Central Europe and Northern Spain.

Nutritional Benefits Of Wholegrain Spelt

Spelt contains gluten making it unsuitable for those with gluten allergies or sensitivities, but highly suitable for baking when in flour form. It consists of more than 70% carbohydrates, of which 11% is dietary fiber, has higher soluble protein, manganese and niacin than ordinary winter wheat.

Where Is Spelt From?

Spelt is a traditional grain of Central and Northern Europe, where it is still commercially grown today. Spelt in South Africa is generally shipped from Germany.

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What Recipes Is Spelt Used in?

Spelt can be used as a substitute for any grain-based meal. It cooks similarly to barley and forms a wholesome grain base. Splet also makes delicious porridge dishes and is easy to sprout, making delicious salad sprouts and microgreens.

Recipes Using Wholegrain Spelt

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