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Meet Roxanne

Hello, Beautiful People! I'm Roxanne McLean, and Founder Foods is my labour of love!

I've been obsessed with natural foods, farming, and the environment most of my life. Knowing how things impact each other so I can focus on what is important and maximise the good aspects is my passion! Nothing exists in isolation, especially with agriculture and food. A trained food ingredients specialist and business strategist, I am also a born speaker and natural living advocate. With my experience in the food system and passion for improving things, I strongly believe our food and food system holds the key to transforming our world. You can read more about my professional experience in my bio here ...

How Founder Foods began ...

Having seen the way food was grown and produced, I understood the importance and pitfalls of natural ingredients. I was involved in the manufacturing of processed foods, household products, and personal care products. I had been continuously exposed to the waste and inefficiencies that the system generated, the disconnect from farmers and the impact of the dying art of home cooking. As a consumer, I also understood my own frustrations with the retail options available for food. I intuitively knew I needed to do something different.

I started to simplify our lives and focus on natural essentials when it came to our food and consumer products. It was through a desire for natural simplicity, that I realised the true extent of the limited access to whole foods and natural ingredients in South Africa at a consumer level.

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A Desire To Provide A Solution To A Problem

Our food system today looks very different to how it looked 50 years ago. It is long and complicated with many steps and many players in the chain. This creates a number of problems including the need to enhance shelf life, inefficiencies in resource use, a disconnection between producers and consumers and a struggle for inclusion of smaller producers, to name a few. All of these aspects affect the food we eventually consume, the waste we generate in the process and various limitations. A solution was needed.

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What we were doing inspired others...

The principles of Founder Foods have resonated with others: environmentalists, organisations, schools, parents and those seeking more natural solutions and transparency. Many people have joined our family of followers with their own inspiring results and stories. In line with my love for speaking and teaching I regularly do educational talks at high schools and organisations to inspire and teach others about the benefits and importance of natural simplicity in life. We also seek to inspire our customers in-store with recipes and information on how to incorporate more beautiful whole foods into their lifestyle.

Bridging the gap

Research shows over and over again that simpler, more natural lifestyles are healthier, happier lifestyles. The same principles apply to our food: natural simplicity is key. We intuitively know this but struggle with practically implementing it. We are creatures of habit. Changing habits requires effort, but it also requires access.

Founder Foods aims to shorten the food chain, reconnect producers and consumers, and make natural wholefoods and ingredients more accessible to more people in more sustainable ways.

Everything we do has an impact on someone or something, somewhere. By making good choices as consumers we can make sure our impact does good. Armed with the right information we see a Natural Movement to a world where each good choice benefits another.



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