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Easy Homemade Natural Fragrances And Perfume

Nothing makes you feel quite so ready to take on the world like a pair of heels and a squirt of incredible smelling perfume! And, nothing is quite as inviting as a great smelling room! These days perfumes are getting a bad rep as a result of all the chemicals that go into making them. Thankfully nature has provided us with a huge array of scents and natural base options. The method for making natural fragrances is the same for our body and home. Your home can smell as incredible as a beautiful perfume with the same natural benefits. Perfumes sound complicated to make but natural perfume is so easy its a perfect craft activity for kids and a great DIY gift for friends and family.

Why We Choose Natural Perfumes

The benefits of natural beauty products are becoming more and more talked about. Our skin and respiratory system absorbs toxins and nutrients much the same way as our digestive system. It is important we treat what goes on our bodies with as much care as what we put in our bodies. Synthetic fragrances in perfumes are often made from highly chemically derived processes. In large or frequent doses some can be toxic. The base used for perfumes can also be quite drying to sensitive skin. With natural perfumes you eliminate most of these concerns, even more so if you make it yourself.

If you think you feel like a million dollars wearing a nice perfume, just wait until someone compliments you on the perfume you made yourself!

How To Make Natural Perfumes And Fragrances

Natural perfumes are made up of 2 elements: an odourless base that can distribute the fragrances and natural essential oils which make up your fragrances. Here’s how …

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