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Natural Face Wash: So Simple and So Much Better

Is It Time To Rethink Our Face Wash Routine?

When it comes to a natural skincare routine, what we put in our bodies, through a healthy diet, contains everything we should be putting on our bodies, and nothing more. Our skin absorbs substances much the same way as our intestines absorb foods. For anyone with any kind of skincare routine nothing is more essential than face wash. If you have ever suffered from acne, oily skin or eczema you probably cling to face wash like a lifeline at the start and end of the day. The thought of a change going wrong is daunting. With all things body care related, personal preferences and requirements will differ. But, I have yet to come across anyone who moved to oil cleansing as a natural face wash that regretted it. We certainly love it …

What is Oil Cleansing Natural Face Wash…

Oil cleansing is simply applying specific oils directly to your skin as a cleanser instead of using soaps. You are probably gasping at how counter-intuitive and crazy that sounds. Our whole lives we are told that soap cleans off dirt and oil causes breakouts, right? Well, that is only partially true.

Why Oil Cleansing As A Natural Face Wash works…

The real deal with soaps

All soaps are made from oils, so it is not that far-fetched to consider straight oil as a cleanser. Even makeup removers are mostly oil. But, what soaps and washes also contain is chemical lye and detergents. If you are interested in why so many people are becoming more cautious about chemical skincare products check our article on why we think all natural skin care products are important.

What results when you use soaps and chemical washes is a stripping of all oil from your skin and an altering of the skin PH, leaving a very drying effect. This stimulates the skin to produce more oil to rebalance the PH and replace the skin’s moisture. This is not an ideal result if you already struggle with oily skin or acne.

Oil cleansing mechanics

Some time ago we all learned that like dissolves like. Dirt and makeup sit on the surface of the oils of our skin. To remove it we only need to remove the surface oils. By putting oil on your skin you dissolve the surface oils with the dirt and make it easy to wipe off with a warm, damp cloth, leaving your skin feeling clean but moisturized. Unlike alkaline soaps and chemical washes this does not disturb the natural PH of the skin or the normal rate of the skin’s oil production.


Oil Cleansing as a Natural Face Wash: How-To Guide


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