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Homemade Natural Hair Gel Using Only 1 Ingredient

If you have curly, wavy or frizzy hair this recipe could change your life! Not all of us have hair that is ready to go as soon as we get out of bed. At the very least, most of us need the help of styling products for formal events. Commercial hair styling products often damage your hair, especially if used frequently. This natural hair gel recipe is great for styling your hair, taming frizz and giving incredible curl definition. It is also rich in vitamin E and healthy for your hair to boot! It suits any hair type or curl pattern from straight to afro. And it is so easy and simple to make – you only need 1 ingredient!

How To Make Natural Hair Gel Using Linseeds

To avoid confusion: flaxseed and linseed is exactly the same thing. The name you choose to call it depends on where you are from and what point in the chain you are. In cooking, it is often referred to as flaxseed. Locally it is more known as linseed, especially in farming and production industries.

This recipe is very easy but does require some time to boil and cool. Total prep time is only 5 minutes. Total cooking time is 30 minutes. Here’s how it’s done …

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