Homemade Bath Bombs

You Will LOVE Making Bath Bombs ..

Bath Bombs are such a great treat to add to your bath, fun and easy to make and the perfect DIY gift idea. Kids love them as much as the adults. 5 natural ingredients and less than 5 minutes of time is all you need to completely transform your bath time into something relaxing and heavenly.

How To Make Lush Bath Bombs

This bath bomb recipe contains only naturally occurring ingredients, no need to worry about harmful or undisclosed nasties. Read more about why why using only natural products in your skincare routine is so important. The ingredients are all simple, most of which you will likely already have at home. They also aid in rejuvenating your skin and detoxing the body of toxins.

What Molds To Use

There are a number of options for molds: ice trays work well, so do plastic white easter egg containers, or the Kinder Surprise chocolate egg holders, if you looking to create slightly bigger bombs! Making lush bath bombs is a great activity for the older kids and they will love reaping the rewards of their labour. Here’s How …

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