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Natural Nappy Rash Cream

Natural Nappy Rash Cream Is Essential.

There is no skin as silky soft and smooth as a baby’s skin, specifically their adorable bottoms! But with the constant wet and friction of nappies on their bums they are prone to skin irritations like nappy rash. Babies skin is sensitive and readily absorbs substances through its surface. The absorption rate of chemicals through the skin of babies is considerably higher than that of adults. For this reason you want to use something as natural and pure as possible, while still effective in combatting, soothing and healing skin irritations. A natural nappy rash remedy is essential .

What Causes Nappy Rash?

Common nappy rash is generally caused by bacterial growth on babies skin, stimulated by exposure to the acidic PH levels in wet or soiled nappies, together with the constant friction of the nappy against the skin. Read more about causes of nappy rash. Rebalancing the skin PH and stimulating healing is often recommended for mild cases. Both of these objectives can be achieved naturally.

In the case of mild nappy rash, rebalancing skin PH can be achieved by adding a small amount of baking soda to baby’s bath water. Learn more about the benefits and uses of baking soda. In the case of more serious nappy rash, where open wounds have formed, it is recommended you consult the advice of a medical practitioner.

Natural Nappy Rash Remedy To Stimulate Healing.

With only 3 natural, food grade ingredients this recipe for a natural nappy rash remedy gets a double thumbs up on safety with the lowest risk of allergic reactions. Shea butter or cocoa butter, bentonite clay and olive oil is all you need.

The common natural nappy rash remedy is calendula cream. But this study shows the best natural nappy rash remedy was clay based, at 6 times more effective than calendula creams. Here’s what we use in our natural nappy rash cream …

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