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Natural Baby Oil Without Mineral Oil

What’s Really In Baby Oil?

Baby oil is generally made from 100% mineral oil with fragrances. Mineral oil is a widely misunderstood ingredient. It refers to a category of oils rather than one particular type of oil. The term mineral oil includes the likes of paraffin oil, white oil, and petroleum oil. Regardless of the specific type of mineral oil, they are all produced as a by-product of refining crude oil into gasoline and petroleum products. If you are starting to feel like it doesn’t sound like something you want to turn into baby oil and apply on your child, you might be right to hesitate.

The world Health Organisations issued concerns over the carcinogenic risks of mineral oils and studies have shown continuous topical applications on skin to be linked to skin cancers. Mineral oils also have a risk associated with ingestion. Considering the research we’d also hesitate before using a mineral oil based baby oil.

Why you should be considering natural plant oils as a baby oil?

Our skin absorbs substances on its surface in much the same way as our digestive system absorbs nutrients. The importance of ensuring what you put on your skin is food grade and not harmful is increasing even as adults.

The skin of babies absorbs moisture and toxins at a much higher rate than that of adults. Babies also have a higher skin to body mass ratio than adults, making them more susceptible to the impact of toxins applied to their skin. Medical practitioners recommend only critically important products should be applied to the skin of babies.

How To Make Natural, Mineral Oil Free, Baby Oil…

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