Your skin absorbs substances in much the same way as your digestive system. What you put on your body is as important as what you put in it.

Nature has a solution for all our consumption needs. Natural personal care products are easy to make and you can be completely assured they contain only 100% natural whole food ingredients.

In these articles, we empower you with the knowledge of how to move away from unnecessary chemicals and waste, and how to simplify your life, in the way you care for your body and appearance.

None of the ingredients we use are new. Many of the recipes are centuries old. It's time we rediscover the real benefits of natural ingredients.


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Most Effective Wart Removal Home Remedies

By Roxanne | Aug 4, 2019

Warts are a common occurrence, especially in children. They are a result of viral infection within the layers of skin and tend to appear on the hands and feet. In many instances small warts tend to disappear on their own, succumbing to the bodies immune system. But in some instances, warts can hang around and…

Homemade Bath Bombs

By Roxanne | Apr 5, 2019

You Will LOVE Making Bath Bombs .. Bath Bombs are such a great treat to add to your bath, fun and easy to make and the perfect DIY gift idea. Kids love them as much as the adults. 5 natural ingredients and less than 5 minutes of time is all you need to completely transform…

Natural Baby Oil Without Mineral Oil

By Roxanne | Apr 4, 2019

What’s Really In Baby Oil? Baby oil is generally made from 100% mineral oil with fragrances. Mineral oil is a widely misunderstood ingredient. It refers to a category of oils rather than one particular type of oil. The term mineral oil includes the likes of paraffin oil, white oil, and petroleum oil. Regardless of the…

Natural Talc-Free Baby Powder

By Roxanne | Apr 3, 2019

The Dangers Lurking In Baby Powders If you follow us regularly you will know we are constantly reinforcing the importance of using food grade ingredients on your skin, but especially for babies. Nothing highlights the importance of this more than the baby powder example. A natural talc-free baby powder is an essential alternative to commercial…

Natural Nappy Rash Cream

By Roxanne | Apr 3, 2019

Natural Nappy Rash Cream Is Essential. There is no skin as silky soft and smooth as a baby’s skin, specifically their adorable bottoms! But with the constant wet and friction of nappies on their bums they are prone to skin irritations like nappy rash. Babies skin is sensitive and readily absorbs substances through its surface.…

Easy Homemade Natural Fragrances And Perfume

By Roxanne | Feb 19, 2019

Nothing makes you feel quite so ready to take on the world like a pair of heels and a squirt of incredible smelling perfume! And, nothing is quite as inviting as a great smelling room! These days perfumes are getting a bad rep as a result of all the chemicals that go into making them.…

Incredibly Effective Natural Deodorant Recipe

By Roxanne | Feb 19, 2019

Deodorant is one of those personal care products we have become incredibly attached to. We can’t possibly risk smelling bad! Believe it or not deodorant hasn’t been around that long – with the first stick deodorant invented in 1903 and the first aerosol invented only in the 1960s. As with many personal care products the…

Homemade Natural Whipped Body Butter

By Roxanne | Dec 6, 2018

When we think of natural health we immediately think of diets and what we put in our mouth. But, we also need to take into consideration what we absorb into our bodies through other means, including our skin.  Natural health is important in skincare for many reasons. The products that we are most frequently exposed…

Homemade Dry Shampoo For Naturally Healthy Looking Hair

By Roxanne | Dec 4, 2018

With our lives getting increasingly busy it is hard to figure out when to do simple things like washing your hair! We all want to look our best for every event but when that requires washing your hair daily it’s often just not practical. We know many commercial dry shampoos do not promote naturally healthy…

Homemade Natural Hair Gel Using Only 1 Ingredient

By Roxanne | Dec 3, 2018

If you have curly, wavy or frizzy hair this recipe could change your life! Not all of us have hair that is ready to go as soon as we get out of bed. At the very least, most of us need the help of styling products for formal events. Commercial hair styling products often damage…

Natural recipe - multipurpose balm

All Natural Multipurpose Balm For Lips, Skin Irritations And Babies Bums

By Roxanne | Nov 22, 2018

With an array of uses as a lip balm, bum cream, barrier cream or soothing cream for dry skin this multipurpose balm is one of our favourite natural recipes. It is also one of the easiest recipes for personal care products. The importance of natural ingredients within personal care products should not be underestimated. Most…

Soap Nuts

The Wonder of Soap Nuts For Your Hair

By Roxanne | Sep 13, 2018

What Are Soap Nuts? Soap nuts are natures best-kept secret. Although they have been around for centuries they originate from India and have only recently become available in South Africa. When it comes to healthy lifestyle habits soap nuts deserves a spot within our daily routines. It is great in the washing machine with our…

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Baking Soda And Apple Cider Vinegar For Naturally Beautiful Hair

By Roxanne | Sep 12, 2018

Baking soda is probably one of the oldest known natural hair wash alternatives. How to be healthy with your hair care is about more than what you use. It is also about what you use it with, how you use it and the frequency you use it. What It Really Takes To Move To Natural…

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Washing Your Hair With Rye Flour – How To Guide

By Roxanne | Sep 12, 2018

Washing Your Hair With Rye Flour – How To Guide When deciding to transition to natural hair wash methods choosing the best DIY natural product alternative for your hair can be quite daunting. Understanding how to identify if your hair needs moisture or protein and what porosity hair you have is like entering a whole…

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Rejuvenating And Blemish-Lightening Natural Face Mask

By Roxanne | Aug 16, 2018

The Big Deal About Skin Care Skincare is a big deal, for women and for men these days. Many of us have spent thousands on products to lighten, rejuvenate, exfoliate or create an even tone, youthful complexion. We go to great lengths to get our skin to stay healthy looking. The options available on the…

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Our Top 4 Natural Hair Wash Options

By Roxanne | Aug 10, 2018

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t just revolve around what we eat. What we put on our bodies and hair also impacts our health. After all, our skin absorbs substances into our bloodstream much the same way as our digestive system. It’s a good idea to learn more about why people are moving to natural products. We…

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All Natural Hair Care – Why, What, How?

By Roxanne | Aug 2, 2018

    Luscious, youthful-looking hair – we all want the beautiful shine and volume at just the right level! For most of us, hair is a big part of our lives. The lucky ones have maintenance free hair, the rest of us seem to spend an age trying to figure out how to tame and…

Face Wash

Natural Face Wash: So Simple and So Much Better

By Roxanne | Jun 28, 2018

Is It Time To Rethink Our Face Wash Routine? When it comes to a natural skincare routine, what we put in our bodies, through a healthy diet, contains everything we should be putting on our bodies, and nothing more. Our skin absorbs substances much the same way as our intestines absorb foods. For anyone with…

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The Benefits Of Natural Beauty Products Everyone Should Know

By Roxanne | Jun 20, 2018

There are few industries that have boomed as much as the skincare and beauty industry in the last few decades. Thousands of products line aisles in our shops. They all do a variety of different things, for different people, for different purposes. Navigating them is a minefield of marketing and pretty packaging. We invest thousands…

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Homemade Natural Toothpaste with 2 Ingredients

By Roxanne | Apr 12, 2018

Over a lifetime the average person will use approximately 50 liters or 620 tubes of toothpaste. That is a lot of tubes and a lot of toothpaste! Children swallow large amounts of toothpaste relative to what they use. Even as adults we will consistently consume small amounts of it daily. Toothpaste is not the only…