Natural Homemade Washing Powder

The base of all washing powders

Washing powder is one of those products we often assume there is no natural alternative to. They contain active enzymes, sulfates and optical brighteners designed to clean or mask 90% of all stains. Many of the formulations are based on decades of research and many different, highly developed additives. But, the base of all washing powders is still simple, naturally occurring ingredients.

All the additives …

Washing powders are made up of natural minerals, fragrances, optical brighteners, surfactants and active enzymes. When washing powders are linked to skin irritations the additives are usually the culprits. This is often aggravated by commercial fabric softeners which lock-in the washing powder residue onto clothing fibers. Learn more about how this differs from our natural fabric softener recipe. When you make you own washing powder and detergents not only are you using just natural minerals and soap but you can also reduce the residue left on your fabrics.

Is natural homemade washing powder effective?

Commercial varieties of washing powders have decades of research and lots of additives to remove 90% of all stains. A homemade version won’t be as effective in all cases but, for most of us, our laundry isn’t covered in 90% of all stains. When items do have stains they can often be easily be pre-treated. The most commonly reported noticeable difference between commercial vs homemade washing powders isn’t a difference in cleaning power but the absence of the strong fragrances.

Whether a switch in your washing powder meets your household needs effectively often comes down to personal situations and preferences. Preferences aside, there are many reasons natural solution reduce your environmental impact.

How To Make Homemade Washing Powder

Making your own washing powder is so incredibly easy and simple. It only requires 3 ingredients. Here’s how …

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