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Natural Homemade Cleaning Tablets For Your Dishwasher

Can You Really Make Your Own Dishwasher Cleaning Tablets?

There are few appliances that have revolutionized household cleaning tasks like the dishwasher. Anyone who has one knows the luxury they bestow and the absolute joy of packing the dishwasher opposed to settling in to wash an entire counter full of dishes. The little dishwasher tablets can be quite a pain – often purchased in small volumes and usually quite pricey. Thankfully the secret ingredients in these tablets aren’t so secret and it is incredibly easy to make you own, not to mention more eco-friendly and cost effective.

How To Make DIY Dishwasher Tablets

Tablets for dishwashers contain a combination of citric acid and soda ash, which is alkaline. These 2 ingredients create an effervescent effect when mixed together and added to moisture. For this reason we don’t recommend making your dishwasher tablets in batch sizes much bigger than what we have listed below. We also recommend wearing rubber gloves during the process or minimizing the contact of your fingers on the mixture to avoid the drying factor of the very alkaline soda ash. Here is what you need …

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