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Superfood Energy Bar Recipe With Dates, Chia And Teff

There are few things better than having delicious, guilt free snacks at home. When they are homemade they somehow seem to be even more rewarding. This energy bar recipe is not only packed with superfoods and nutritional glory but is also incredibly delicious. Absolutely the most rewarding 30 minutes of baking time you will have this week!

The Nutritional Benefits Of Teff

We are mad about teff and for good reason. Teff is a locally produced ancient grain that is gaining popularity internationally. It is naturally gluten free, incredibly high in protein and has the highest content of calcium, iron and magnesium of any other grain available. It also just adds a great texture to these bars. For more information on the nutritional benefits of teff and the full collection of teff recipes check out our product info section on ancient grains.

This recipe is ridiculously quick and easy. It makes amazing lunch box treats and is just a great snack to have available for when you are feeling peckish.

Superfood Energy Bar Recipe

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