High Protein Mung Bean, Lentil, Quinoa Burger Patty Recipe With Egg

It’s not easy to find a delicious and interesting vegetarian burger patty recipe but when you do it’s worth celebrating. This mung bean, lentil and quinoa recipe is an explosion of nutritional goodness and is incredibly tasty to boot!

This recipe is perfect for the stovetop or skillet but doesn’t work so well on a braai grid. If you attending a braai pre-fry your patties so they are more solid and pop them on the braai to warm up. If you are not a fan of bread or you are avoiding gluten, try putting these patties on top of a brown mushroom for extra deliciousness.

Why Mung Beans

Mung beans are considered one of the healthiest beans. Locally produced, they are a great source of protein and inflammation-fighting nutrients. Often used as bean sprouts in stir fries and salads, they can also be eaten in whole cooked form or used in split mung bean form for more softer-textured dishes. Have a look at our product page for more details on the benefits of mung beans and mung bean recipes.

Mung Bean Burger Patty Recipe

We LOVE mung beans so this recipe is right up our alley. Super easy to make and a useful one to add to the recipe collection.


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