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Tasty And Easy Lentil And Mushroom Stew

We LOVE stews and casseroles. So flavourful and nutritious, even the biggest meat eaters will enjoy these vegetarian recipes. Stews are a bit like soups in that you can throw everything in a pot and let it work it’s magic with minimal effort from your side. For busy people that believe in healthy, homemade foods they are the perfect, quick, easy dinner option, and they freeze so well! Stews are also often difficult to mess up, even if you think you are the worst cook. As long as you are using a good herb combination you can get creative with your other ingredients confidently. It’s a great way to use up fresh ingredients that are nearing their end. Provided you like mushrooms, this vegetarian recipe is an absolute win from all angles and so yum!

Lentil And Mushroom Stew, Ultimate Vegetarian Dinner Recipe

This recipe serves 4 and takes approximately 25 minutes to cook (excluding prep), if you are using pre-soaked or canned lentils. Allow a longer cooking time if you are using dry lentils from scratch.


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