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Delicious and Refreshing Christmas Cocktails With Rooibos

It’s almost Christmas and it’s summer in South Africa. Nothing represents all of those things quite like a mint and peach rooibos cocktail! As research on Rooibos increases, it’s status on the list of ultimate naturally healthy foods increases. It makes sense for it to be your choice as a base for some fun and colour, whether it’s the alchol free version or fully charged!

Can Rooibos make a naturally healthy cocktail?

Rooibos has incredible health benefits, and they seem to discover more all the time. Benefits range from cortisol reduction, cancer inhibiting, anti-aging, healing, to anti-inflammatory and many others. It is our very own indigenous, naturally healthy food or superfood. The only thing growing faster than research on Rooibos is the applications for it. Everything from hot and cold teas, personal care products, flavourings and sauces, and now even cocktails. 

Christmas Cocktail Recipe With Rooibos

With its sweet taste Rooibos naturally lends itself to being drunk hot or cold. Making cocktails and drink blends using Rooibos is incredibly easy. You may even keep this recipe on hand for the rest of the summer months.


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