Mixed Ancient Grain Porridge With Linseeds

If you are trying to avoid the pitfalls of sugary cereals and fatty meat and egg-based breakfasts, coming up with delicious alternative breakfast ideas can be a challenge. Normal grocery stores don’t have a huge range of delicious, low sugar breakfasts staring at you down the aisle, so the options aren’t so obvious. Thankfully, the versatility of ancient grains and the endless delicious porridge options they represent is worth getting very excited about.

Breakfast Ideas Using Ancient Grains

Porridges are the most underrated breakfast option. We tend to think of porridge as limited to a single-ingredient like oats or maize meal, but when you consider the huge variety of ancient grains the delicious breakfast ideas abound. With over 14 different ancient grains available combination options are limitless. They are easy to dress up, jazz up or sweeten up but equally yum eaten plain, so you can adjust them to suit the range of taste preferences of your whole family. We can’t get enough of these interesting porridges – so perfect for a winters morning. This particular mixed ancient grain porridge recipe is so easy and one we absolutely LOVE!

How To Make Mixed Ancient Grain Porridge With Linseeds

This recipe uses oats, millet, quinoa and chia grains (yes, chia is technically a grain although often referred to as a seed). Combine this with linseeds, some almond flakes and top with raisins or cranberries, for those with a sweet tooth, and you have an absolute winner! Here’s how:

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