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Gluten Free, Mixed Ancient Grains Porridge

Whether you are gluten intolerant or not ancient grain porridges are an amazing, wholesome start to a day. Unfortunately they tend to sit on the baby food shelves in stores so we aren’t exposed to a wide variety of them anymore. We have to hunt them down. But when it comes to gluten free breakfasts and porridges made up of mixed ancient grains, it is worth the hunt!

Mixed Ancient Grain Porridge

Ancient grains are grains that have not been significantly modified by genetic modification or selective breeding programs over the millennia. It tends to be grains other than wheat, white maize and popular rices. Ancient grains are often gluten free and incredibly versatile and nutritious, and many of them are locally grown in South Africa. Incorporating them into a balanced diet is good for our health and our local communities and economy. This ancient grain porridge is the perfect gluten free breakfast. Here’s how to do it …

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