Overnight Buckwheat & Chia Breakfast Pudding

With so many delicious and nutritious whole grains, seeds, nuts, and fruits available your next perfect whole food breakfast idea is probably just a google search away. We have made it even easier by providing a full range of wholefood breakfast options available whenever you need. See our range of breakfast ideas for more inspiration.

This next breakfast idea contains all the dietary fiber, high levels of protein and B vitamins provided by buckwheat and chia seeds. Learn more about the nutritional benefits of chia and other delicious buckwheat recipes. It requires almost no prep time and is easiest prepared the night before for delicious easy breakfast in the morning. It also has the added bonus of being completely gluten-free and can be made vegan or vegetarian, depending on your milk preference.

What’s a Parfait?

A parfait is a smooth paté-like meal, usually layered with fruits or yoghurts. Breakfast parfaits require no cooking and very little prep. Served chilled and full of wholesome goodness, they are refreshing in warm spring and summer mornings. They are perfect for on the go families and busy people!

Delicious Gluten Free Breakfast Idea With Buckwheat And Chia

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