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Healthy eating is about more than eating healthy food, it's about reconnecting, taking back the power cooking gives us and sharing love through the food we prepare for ourselves, our families and our friends.

In these articles, we help you rediscover a love for cooking by creating naturally beautiful and delicious dishes.


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Delicious Paprika, Nut And Grain Side Dish

By Roxanne | Oct 31, 2019

Every now and then you come across a recipe that is so easy, so quick and so delicious it is almost unbelievable! This is one such recipe. The flavour combination of beautiful fresh paprika with roasted nuts and buttered couscous is mouth-watering! It is perfect for braais as a side dish, as a light meal…

Delicious Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

By Roxanne | Oct 27, 2019

Tucking into a delicious breakfast smoothie bowl as a healthy breakfast option is rising in popularity, for good reason. They are often delicious and a quick and easy way to pack maximum nutrition into your morning routine. This recipe is just that! On top of requiring no cooking and almost no prep, it also contains…

Gluten-Free Breakfast Ideas

By Roxanne | Sep 26, 2019

Gluten is becoming an ever-increasing issue for many. With more and more finding they are sensitive or allergic to the foods which commonly contain it. With so much of the food we eat containing wheat derivatives, it is difficult to get away from gluten in a diet that includes processed foods. Those diagnosed with a…

Make Your Own Almond Milk And 5 Other DIY Plant Milks

By Roxanne | Sep 17, 2019

When we think dairy alternatives we are usually drawn to the expensive boxes of soya milk or almond milk on the top shelves in the grocery stores. Did you know there are over 13 different plant milk options and most of them are quick and easy to make at home? Plant milks have been around…

Growing Your Own Sprouts And Microgreens

By Roxanne | Aug 29, 2019

Microgreens and sprouts are incredibly easy to grow and highly nutritious. Although the words ‘microgreens’ and ‘sprouts’ are often used interchangeably they are quite different. Sprouts are grown without soil and the whole plant that emerges (including the seed husk and any roots) is added to your dish or meal. Microgreens are grown in soil…

Baby Food: Breakfast Bulgar Pudding

By Roxanne | Aug 27, 2019

Finally, a pudding that is good for you and a delicious porridge in one, two of our favourite things! This bulgar wheat pudding recipe is adapted from a traditional Doodh-Daliya from India. It is a common baby food, porridge or pudding. Incredibly versatile and easy to cook, it is sure to be a hit in your…

Mixed Ancient Grain Porridge With Linseeds

By Roxanne | Aug 11, 2019

If you are trying to avoid the pitfalls of sugary cereals and fatty meat and egg-based breakfasts, coming up with delicious alternative breakfast ideas can be a challenge. Normal grocery stores don’t have a huge range of delicious, low sugar breakfasts staring at you down the aisle, so the options aren’t so obvious. Thankfully, the…

Sorghum And Rolled Oats Granola Recipe

By Roxanne | Jun 1, 2019

This delicious homemade granola recipe contains whole grain, popped and ground sorghum with honey, rolled oats and nuts. It is easily adjustable to add in your desired nuts and dried fruits. Eat your granola together with this homemade yoghurt recipe for a highly nutritious kickstart to the day. Do Oats Contain Gluten? We often get…

Banana And Blueberry Amaranth Porridge

By Roxanne | Jun 1, 2019

Porridge is an amazing nutritional breakfast option. It can be made out of a range of whole grains and is easy to mix with your favourite fruits, nuts or dried fruits. There are more naturally gluten free grains than gluten containing grains so don’t be put off thinking your only options are oats or spelt.…

Lemon And Mint Amaranth Salad Recipe

By Roxanne | Jun 1, 2019

Amaranth is one of the most undervalued superfoods. It has a higher level of protein, iron and B6 than quinoa and often significantly cheaper. It is great within salad recipes. Naturally gluten-free, with a nutty flavour and higher in natural binding agents than quinoa making it more ‘mushy’ when cooked. This salad recipe is fresh…

Date And Nut Granola For A Paleo Diet

By Roxanne | Jun 1, 2019

A paleo diet is meant to resemble the diet of Paleolithic times which is thought to consist mainly of whole foods. The type of whole foods would have varied depending on what was available in the area at the time. In general, the paleo diet consists of meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs,…

Delicious Oatmeal Raisin Biscuits As Healthy Snacks

By Roxanne | Jun 1, 2019

It is often tough to find ideas for healthy snacks, especially recipes that are quick and easy to make. This recipe takes only 10 minutes of baking time and no more than 20 minutes of prep. The reward of delicious oatmeal and raisin biscuits is well worth the 30 minutes of your time. They are…

Whole Grain, Gluten-Free Granola Recipe

By Roxanne | Jun 1, 2019

Gluten has become a real pain point for many people lately. The reasons gluten intolerance is on the rise varies and the theories link it to many different aspects of our food systems, diet, and lifestyles. Thankfully recipes containing gluten-free ingredients are also on the rise and there are many grains that are naturally gluten-free.…

Power-House Bean Salad With Raisins And Grains

By Roxanne | Jun 1, 2019

For those that like leaf-less salads this is a must. So easy to make with a unique sweet taste, this salad is the perfect salad for braais, light meals or side dishes. Beans in a salad add the punch of protein and nutrients, with a filling texture, while the surprise sweetness of the raisins means…

Broccoli, Fennel And Black Eyed Bean Salad

By Roxanne | May 12, 2019

Some salads are so unique you either love them or hate them. This interesting salad is one of those. If you like it you will really LOVE it but with such an exciting and different ingredient combination, there is little room for indifference. This recipe is inspired by the wonderful chefs at the Buddhist Retreat…

Easy Pea Soup Recipe

By Roxanne | May 12, 2019

Pea soup done right is so incredibly delicious! Who thought those pesky little green things that every chilled detests could turn into something so nutritiously yum! This easy pea soup recipe is so simple and freezer friendly it will likely become a staple in your home. Why Green Peas? Green peas (split peas or whole)…

Healthy And YUM Bean Salad

By Roxanne | May 12, 2019

A bean salad is so quick and easy to make, and so versatile in their use. They are perfect for lunches at work or as a side dish to a braai or light meal. Packed with protein and fiber a bean salad is enough to make any dietitian or nutrition fanatic proud. How To Make…

Delicious Minestrone Soup Recipe

By Roxanne | May 12, 2019

We absolutely love freezer friendly soups! Soups are so easy to make, so packed with nutrition and always good to have on hand for the days where you just can’t find the time to add cooking into your schedule. Thankfully this is not the only easy soup recipe to choose from. With such a wide…

High Protein Mung Bean, Lentil, Quinoa Burger Patty Recipe With Egg

By Roxanne | May 10, 2019

It’s not easy to find a delicious and interesting vegetarian burger patty recipe but when you do it’s worth celebrating. This mung bean, lentil and quinoa recipe is an explosion of nutritional goodness and is incredibly tasty to boot! This recipe is perfect for the stovetop or skillet but doesn’t work so well on a…

Delicious Mung Bean & Avo Salad

By Roxanne | May 10, 2019

Coming up with an interesting and delicious salad recipe that does not include the normal leafy greens often requires a bit of creativity. We love sourcing and experimenting with the most interesting and unusual recipes we can find. And the quicker and easier they are, the better. This mung bean and avo salad is packed…

Overnight Buckwheat & Chia Breakfast Pudding

By Roxanne | May 5, 2019

With so many delicious and nutritious whole grains, seeds, nuts, and fruits available your next perfect whole food breakfast idea is probably just a google search away. We have made it even easier by providing a full range of wholefood breakfast options available whenever you need. See our range of breakfast ideas for more inspiration.…

Make Your Own Gluten Free Whole Grain All Purpose Flour Mix

By Roxanne | Mar 25, 2019

Gluten intolerances and allergies are becoming more and more prevalent and there are many theories on why. Regardless on what you believe to be the reason, the need for substitute gluten free flour recipes is growing. Fortunately there are a lot of naturally gluten free grain flours. Unfortunately there is no 1 for 1 substitute…

Superfood Energy Bar Recipe With Dates, Chia And Teff

By Roxanne | Mar 19, 2019

There are few things better than having delicious, guilt free snacks at home. When they are homemade they somehow seem to be even more rewarding. This energy bar recipe is not only packed with superfoods and nutritional glory but is also incredibly delicious. Absolutely the most rewarding 30 minutes of baking time you will have…

Gluten Free Chocolate Pudding

By Roxanne | Mar 19, 2019

Delicious AND Healthy Superfood Desert If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of cooking with teff this chocolate pudding recipe is likely to be the one that makes you start. Teff is an ancient grain superfood produced locally in South Africa. Did you know teff releases starch as it cooks in a similar way to…

Vegan Burger Patty Recipe

By Roxanne | Mar 19, 2019

Burger patty recipes are something that have always been traditionally made of red meat. Whether you are vegan or just up for a change this burger patty recipe is made from grains, sweet potato and beans. It holds together well and tastes delicious done on the braai even though it has no meat or eggs.…

Gluten Free, Mixed Ancient Grains Porridge

By Roxanne | Mar 19, 2019

Whether you are gluten intolerant or not ancient grain porridges are an amazing, wholesome start to a day. Unfortunately they tend to sit on the baby food shelves in stores so we aren’t exposed to a wide variety of them anymore. We have to hunt them down. But when it comes to gluten free breakfasts…

Superfood Teff Porridge Recipe With Pumpkin Seeds, Cranberry And Ginger

By Roxanne | Mar 19, 2019

Tiny and mighty teff grain is something you need to be stocking in your pantry! It is easily ranked one of the most nutritious grains available because of its high protein, iron, calcium and magnesium content. To make things easier for you we have condensed all our teff recipes and info into our product info…

Tasty And Easy Lentil And Mushroom Stew

By Roxanne | Feb 28, 2019

We LOVE stews and casseroles. So flavourful and nutritious, even the biggest meat eaters will enjoy these vegetarian recipes. Stews are a bit like soups in that you can throw everything in a pot and let it work it’s magic with minimal effort from your side. For busy people that believe in healthy, homemade foods…

Simple And Delicious Coconut Chocolate Mousse

By Roxanne | Feb 13, 2019

For years I thought the only way you could make delicious chocolate mousse was with cream, eggs and melted store-bought chocolate. This isn’t ideal if you are diabetic, lactose intolerant, or opting for a more natural or paleo diet. The good news is there is a simple, natural and equally easy chocolate mousse recipe that…

Delicious and Refreshing Christmas Cocktails With Rooibos

By Roxanne | Dec 18, 2018

It’s almost Christmas and it’s summer in South Africa. Nothing represents all of those things quite like a mint and peach rooibos cocktail! As research on Rooibos increases, it’s status on the list of ultimate naturally healthy foods increases. It makes sense for it to be your choice as a base for some fun and…


Rissoles With Spinach And Chickpeas

By Roxanne | Oct 10, 2018

Looking for lunchbox ideas? Rissoles are a great recipe to have in your arsenal. They are a perfect lunchbox snack or can be served as a side dish, starter or part of the main meal. A great finger food for entertaining too! This recipe version can be made with quinoa, arborio rice or millet, depending…

Fluffy Date, Fig, Almond And Whole Grain Salad

By Roxanne | Oct 10, 2018

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with delicious superfoods in salads. This salad is full of natural grains, nutrient rich dates, figs, almonds and chickpeas. Did I mention the dressing is a 30 second mixture of delicious and interesting combinations of natural ingredients from your pantry?! We LOVE the delicious flavour combinations in this…

Biltong: The Ultimate South African Whole Food

By Roxanne | Sep 27, 2018

When it comes to South African whole food and health there are many theories, diets, and guidelines. Almost all of them have some counter debate. Often the simpler view is the most effective. Our food rules are easy: keep it natural, keep it simple, keep it colourful and cook it yourself. When you stick to these…


Natural And Delicious Homemade Dark Chocolate

By Roxanne | Aug 31, 2018

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate – oh so delicious!! We can’t live without it but all that sugar doesn’t make it the healthiest snack food. When it comes to store-bought chocolate the ingredients in the labels can be quite overwhelming and the packaging can’t be recycled. Is it possible to get chocolate without all the palm oils,…

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All Natural Tomato and Lentil Soup

By Roxanne | Jul 6, 2018

There is something about a really thick homemade soup that is just unbeatable! Winter calls for them like spring calls for flowers. But soups are even better when they are made from 100% natural and simple ingredients. It warms your soul, not just your tummy. They are so easy, almost completely fail proof, freeze so well…

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Delicious Homemade Hot Chocolate: Quick, Easy and Incredibly YUM

By Roxanne | Jun 13, 2018

Winter is here! It’s time to break out the slippers and spend the weekends snuggling under the covers. Did someone say HOT CHOCOLATE and rusks? Yes please!! Homemade Hot Chocolate Is A Thing! Before you rush off and buy another container of the glorious hot drink to add to your trolley, consider what you are…

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Homemade Natural Yoghurt: Easy, delicious and full of goodness

By Roxanne | May 23, 2018

There are so many products we buy automatically that we have come to assume that buying them is the only way to get them. When you start to rediscover what natural foods can do you very quickly realise how easy some of your most loved healthy food ideas are to recreate yourself, at home, naturally.…

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