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Natural Fabric Softener With 1 Ingredient. No Mixing. No Prep

Climbing into bed after laundry day, with fresh smelling, clean linen has to be one of life’s small glories. The soft texture and beautiful smell of freshly washed towels and linen after a long day …… instantly calming.

The original fabric softeners

Despite the modern look and smell of fabric softeners, the concept has been around for almost a hundred years. It was initially introduced as a simple method to combat the scratchy stiffness from fabric dyes. Over the decades the technology for dyes has improved and dyed fabrics have got softer. Fabric softeners, however, have got more complex.

Today we use fabric softeners to compensate for our laundry washing habits. Just like our homemade washing powder recipe and DIY dishwasher tablets, it doesn’t take much digging to realise the age-old, simple, natural method, not only still works today, but is, in most cases, better.

Creating A Natural Home Using Natural Fabric Softener

If your objective is just to soften your fabrics or create a natural home environment for your family, reverting to a natural option for fabric softener couldn’t be simpler. All you need is one of natures miracle ingredients: vinegar!

Vinegar is no stranger to the household cleaning stage. It is one of natures’ best and most forgotten, secrets. It is superb at deodourising, degreasing and removing residue build up. This is exactly why it works so well as a fabric softener, and for decades one of its key functions was exactly that.  We tend to think the more complex the solution the better, but often the simplest solution is still the best.

How to use vinegar as a Natural Fabric Softener.

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