Natural Crafts And Activities

It's tough coming up with entertainment ideas for the kids that are mentally stimulating, involve no harmful chemicals and are fun! 

Thankfully there are tons of options and we have made it easier by posting our favourite ones here for you. We hope this helps you to create healthy activities for your kids at home.

Whether you have a holiday or birthday party coming up there is bound to be options in this list. Craft a legacy with your family ... naturally!

Kids preparing the dough for a cookie, pizza or pasta



Growing Your Own Sprouts And Microgreens

By Roxanne | Aug 29, 2019

Microgreens and sprouts are incredibly easy to grow and highly nutritious. Although the words ‘microgreens’ and ‘sprouts’ are often used interchangeably they are quite different. Sprouts are grown without soil and the whole plant that emerges (including the seed husk and any roots) is added to your dish or meal. Microgreens are grown in soil…

Breakfast Bulgar Pudding

By Roxanne | Aug 27, 2019

Finally, a pudding that is good for you and a delicious porridge in one, two of our favourite things! This bulgar wheat pudding recipe is adapted from a traditional Doodh-Daliya from India. It is a common baby food, porridge or pudding. Incredibly versatile and easy to cook, it is sure to be a hit in your…

Homemade Bath Bombs

By Roxanne | Apr 5, 2019

You Will LOVE Making Bath Bombs .. Bath Bombs are such a great treat to add to your bath, fun and easy to make and the perfect DIY gift idea. Kids love them as much as the adults. 5 natural ingredients and less than 5 minutes of time is all you need to completely transform…

Easy Homemade Natural Fragrances And Perfume

By Roxanne | Feb 19, 2019

Nothing makes you feel quite so ready to take on the world like a pair of heels and a squirt of incredible smelling perfume! And, nothing is quite as inviting as a great smelling room! These days perfumes are getting a bad rep as a result of all the chemicals that go into making them.…

Natural Cold Clay Recipe Using Only 2 Ingredients

By Roxanne | Dec 13, 2018

Homemade cold clay or porcelain clay is a more recent evolution to the normal play dough crafts or kiln fired clay. Cold clay is one of the really great easy craft activities for older kids and even adults. The clay sets at room temperature, so the creation can be painted, varnished and kept as a…

Easy Homemade Natural Playdough

By Roxanne | Dec 13, 2018

Playdough is one of those exceptionally easy healthy activities for kids that we often forget about. It can be made from all natural ingredients, used as an educational tool and stimulates creativity. It makes a great gift for children of a range of ages. Thankfully it is so simple to make, you can whip up…

Natural Crafts And Homemade Gift Ideas For Kids

By Roxanne | Dec 4, 2018

  In such a consumer driven society it is hard to steer our kids away from the desire and need for things. The irony is often the gifts that weren’t things, are the gifts from our childhood that we remember most fondly. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of inspiration and memory jogging…