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Natural Cold Clay Recipe Using Only 2 Ingredients

Homemade cold clay or porcelain clay is a more recent evolution to the normal play dough crafts or kiln fired clay. Cold clay is one of the really great easy craft activities for older kids and even adults. The clay sets at room temperature, so the creation can be painted, varnished and kept as a household ornament or decoration. It’s perfect for older kids and even adults who want to sculpt with more precision and detail.

Cold Porcelain Clay – A Great Easy Craft For Kids

Cold clay is easy to mold using simple tools and implements around the house. Toothpicks, cookie cutters and mini screwdriver sets often make great molding tools. A simple google search will provide you with an endless supply of ideas for sculptures and figurines. There are many different recipes that contain wood glue, vaseline, and other less natural substances. Our recipe is just as effective and contains only non-toxic food ingredients.

How to make easy cold clay without glue

This recipe contains no glue. It so easy to make – you only need to mix 2 ingredients with water.


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