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Delicious and Refreshing Christmas Cocktails With Rooibos

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Delicious and Refreshing Christmas Cocktails With Rooibos

It's almost Christmas and it's summer in South Africa. Nothing represents summer in South Africa quite like a mint and peach rooibos cocktail! As research on Rooibos increases, it's status on the list of ultimate naturally healthy foods increases. It makes sense for it to be your choice as a base for some fun and colour, whether it's the alcohol free version or fully charged!

Can Rooibos make a naturally healthy cocktail?

Rooibos has incredible health benefits, and they seem to discover more all the time. Benefits range from cortisol reduction, cancer inhibiting, anti-aging, healing, to anti-inflammatory and many others. It is our very own indigenous, naturally healthy food or superfood. The only thing growing faster than research on Rooibos is the applications for it. Everything from hot and cold teas, personal care products, flavourings and sauces, and now even cocktails.

Christmas Cocktail Recipe With Rooibos

With its sweet taste Rooibos naturally lends itself to being drunk hot or cold. Making cocktails and drink blends using Rooibos is incredibly easy. You may even keep this recipe on hand for the rest of the summer months.


  • 500ml strong cold brew Rooibos tea (See below for instructions on how to make cold brew tea).
  • 500ml peach juice
  • At least 100ml vodka (optional)
  • 1 lemon, thinly sliced
  • Handful of fresh mint leaves
  • 2 peaches, thinly sliced




  1. Mix all ingredients in a large pitcher or punch bowl and leave to stand for an hour or more. 
  2. Pour a glass of delicious punch or cocktail
  3. Garnish with additional mint and peach slices, and serve. 


Making Cold Brew Tea

Cold brew tea is made by steeping loose tea in cold water for a 24 hour or longer period. Unlike ice tea which is tea made with boiling water and then left to cool, cold brew tea results in a slightly different taste profile.


The Benefits Of Cold Brew Tea

Brewing tea in cold water releases less tannins into the solution, resulting in a sweeter, smoother taste.  Some people develop sensitivities to tannins in teas and wines so cold brewed teas are much better suited for some.


Whether you choose to go cold brew or ice tea, an ice cold rooibos cocktail on your summer holiday will make life that little bit sweeter. Enjoy!