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Our Top 4 Natural Hair Wash Options

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Our Top 4 Natural Hair Wash Options

A healthy lifestyle doesn't just revolve around what we eat. What we put on our bodies and hair also impacts our health. After all, our skin absorbs substances into our bloodstream much the same way as our digestive system. It's a good idea to learn more about why people are moving to natural products.

We wrote about how commercial shampoos work and the benefits of All Natural Hair Care for a healthy lifestyle previously. In this article, we cover the hair wash options available as natural alternatives. When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, not every option suits everyone. Hair care is no different. It's not only personal preference that defines the choices but also the type of water you have, your lifestyle and your hair type. Grab your cup of tea or coffee and get cosy, there is some really great, useful info below!

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Natural Hair Wash Options for A Healthy Lifestyle

How to choose your option

There are tons of different natural hair wash options. Knowing which one is best can be tricky. There are essentially 2 elements to your hair that determines the best wash method for you: moisture and protein. Protein determines the elasticity of your hair: volume, bounce, curl and its ability to resort to its natural shape. Moisture determines how shiny, frizzy or brittle your hair is. You need the right balance of these 2 elements for your hair. Wash options tend to either be moisturizing or restore protein. It's a good idea to mix it up and use alternating wash options to achieve an overall balance.

Hard water, high in minerals like calcium and magnesium, often prevalent in borehole water, also plays a part in how you wash your hair naturally.

Choosing the right hair wash method is often trial and error. We recommend you join one of the main Facebook groups like: "No Poo (no shampoo) & Low Poo Hair Care Group Forum", for all the tips, support, and advice you might need to help through the process.

Natural Hair Wash Methods

1. Baking soda wash with apple cider vinegar rinse

This is the most popular method of natural hair washing and is very easy to do. The vinegar adds moisture and is a great conditioner on its own if you have dry hair. We recommend this wash method as a starting point for most people or a booster wash once in a while for those further along in their natural hair journey.

Follow the link to access the recipe on how to be healthy using baking soda as a hair wash.

2. Rye Flour Wash:

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This is a mild protein wash and is good for restoring volume and bounce to limp hair. Your hair often has even greater volume the day after your wash than the day of. Many people have great results with rye flour and its generally quite readily available compared to some of the other ingredient options. The type of rye flour you use does make a difference so it's best to try a few if the first doesn't work for you.

Click to access the details for this DIY Natural Product Recipe.

3. Soap Nuts

Soap nuts are the berries from a specific shrub family called sapindus. Mainly grown in India, they have only recently become available in South Africa. Soap nuts are amazing for all sorts of cleansing activities! They can be used in your washing machine for your laundry or to create a body wash. Our personal favourite is using them to create a hair wash foam that leaves your hair shiny, soft and full of volume!

This recipe is slightly more time consuming to prepare than the others and you will need to plan ahead. But, once you have established it in your routine, it's easy to maintain and worth every minute of time invested!

Click to find out how to incorporate soap nuts into your healthy lifestyle habits.

4. Egg washes:

Egg is really good for your hair! It adds protein and moisture, it's good for clarifying and adding volume and it's brilliant at removing oils. This method is great as a pick-me-up for your hair. Once a month usage is usually the norm, opting for other washes during the month. Watch our blog for this recipe coming soon!

Our personal experience

I washed my hair with commercial shampoos every single day for over 20 years! By the time I decided to move to natural hair washes my hair was thin, dry, brittle, very damaged and barely growing. The transformation over the course of a year has been incredible! However, making the transition to using natural hair care alternatives took a while. I had short hair when I started and didn't have the luxury of the initial 4-week break or the ability to tie my hair up. To put it bluntly: I was a complete grease ball walking around the office for a few weeks! Despite that, I am so grateful I did it! Here are some of my personal before and after photos showing just how damaged my hair had got and how thin it had become before I moved to natural hair care. There are 18 months between these photos.

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I have straight, dark hair that tends to get oily at the roots quite quickly, but I'm also still dealing with dry, damaged ends from my previous 'hair-life'. I now wash my hair every 5 days, alternating between soap nuts and rye flour. I use an egg wash once a month as a boost. I don't use any heat treatment on my hair (no hairdryer, straighteners or curling irons) nor any commercial products. My hair is growing faster, I have lots of new hair growth, and it continues to get more and more full and healthy looking! I absolutely love it!