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The Benefits Of Natural Beauty Products Everyone Should Know

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The Benefits Of Natural Beauty Products Everyone Should Know

There are few industries that have boomed as much as the skincare and beauty industry in the last few decades. Thousands of products line aisles in our shops. They all do a variety of different things, for different people, for different purposes. Navigating them is a minefield of marketing and pretty packaging. We invest thousands in our skincare every year and finding the right product is still a bit of trial and error. Thankfully, there are so many benefits to converting to a natural skincare routine that more people are returning to natural simplicity every day.

7 Reasons People Convert To Natural Skincare

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1. More are realising the health implications

We absorb products through our skin into our body and bloodstream in much the same way we absorb nutrients when we digest food. Substances naturally enter your bloodstream on a daily basis through 1 of 3 ways:

  1. By eating, through our digestive system
  2. When we breathe, through our respiratory system
  3. Through our skin and hair follicles when we apply products or come into contact with substances

This means that the ingredients in the products we put on our skin are as important as the ingredients in the food we eat. People have started to think twice before putting something on their skin that they wouldn't be comfortable putting in their bodies. Natural skincare alternatives are becoming as much a priority as a more natural diet.

2. There is peace of mind in knowing the ingredients

The personal care industry has boomed so much in the last 20 years that regulation hasn't kept up. When it comes to labeling regulation, we don't always get all the information we need to make an informed decision. Some of the pitfalls include:

  1. Our products don't list all the ingredients. Labels only show ingredients above a certain level. Often this regulation does not take into account the type of ingredient or the level of risk it poses.
  2. Ingredients that are known endocrine disrupters and irritants are commonly used in our personal care products. Our regulation currently does not require that these dangers are highlighted. It is assumed that consumers do their own research on the risks.
  3. Regulation often requires that only the category of an ingredient be listed, so a combination of different fragrances can be listed as just 'fragrances' without specifying the details. Different ingredients in the same category are made of different things and have very different risks.

When you make your own natural skincare products you never have to worry about what you are really putting on your skin.

3. It puts focus only on ingredients that add value

Personal care products manufactured in a factory, flow through machines, get packaged, transported, stored and displayed for long periods so extra ingredients have to be added to accommodate each step. Preservatives, stabilisers, emulsifiers, flow agents are all things that don't necessarily benefit your body. When you use natural alternatives within your skincare routine these extra ingredients become unnecessary.

The real benefits of skincare products are in the natural ingredients they contain. Natural ingredients are still the base of even the most processed products. When you make your own you can put all your focus on the ingredients that really matter.

You will be amazed by how simple natural product alternatives can be. Check out our full range of recipes for all natural personal care products.

4. It gives flexibility

Most of us have come across at least one product where we liked the product but hated the fragrance or vice versa. By using natural skincare alternatives and making some of your own products, you can get the best of both. You can use the ingredients you want and fragrance it as you like.

5. It uses real ingredients

In most cases, personal care manufacturers have substituted a component of natural ingredients with a cheaper chemical alternative. When you make your own natural skincare products you can be sure your body butter contains 100% of the high-quality luxurious oils and fats that you want, for the purpose you want them, in the quantity you want.

It's time we rediscover all the benefits and uses of natural foods. All the information you need is within our section on healthy food facts.

6. It's better for the environment

There are a lot of resources that go into making our manufactured and branded products. The more steps products flow through, the more resources they require and more waste they generate along the process. By skipping the manufacturing process you eliminate the need for single-use plastic packaging as well as all the energy, transport and ingredients needed within manufacturing. The benefits of simplifying have far-reaching impacts that we should not underestimate. Packaging waste specifically, is not something that can just be managed through recycling. Have a look at our previous article that explains and debunks common recycling myths in South Africa.

7. It's fun and so rewarding!

Never underestimate the value of a bit of fun in our lives! We constantly talk about the need to return to natural simplicity and de-stressing from our busy modern lives. There is nothing quite like lathering a bright orange paste all over your face and prancing around the house in front of the rest of the family like a glorious clown. You suddenly feel like a child in a playground again! The kids will love it! And it has the added benefit of making your skin, hair and body feel totally incredible.


Our Personal Experience

As someone who has suffered from acne and other skin issues for many years, going natural made sense. I started making just one change and LOVED IT! Over the last few years, we have converted all of our personal care products to natural alternatives and now no longer have a need to buy any manufactured products (my husband even swears by the the natural deodorant recipe, refusing to use anything else!). There is an effective natural option for everything from deodorant, to shampoo, to lotions and washes. Sometimes it takes longer to find a specific option that works for you because it's largely a personal thing. We completely eliminated the clutter of our cosmetics and toiletry cupboards. Life is simpler, our skin and hair look great and the peace of mind is invaluable. I have loved every second of the process and am loving every second of this way of life.

Interested in moving to a more natural personal care routine? We recommend you look at some of our recipes on all natural products, living a healthy life and natural organic products within our range of all natural personal care recipes.