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Healthy And YUM Bean Salad

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Healthy And YUM Bean Salad

A bean salad is so quick and easy to make, and so versatile in their use. They are perfect for lunches at work or as a side dish to a braai or light meal. Packed with protein and fiber a bean salad is enough to make any dietitian or nutrition fanatic proud.

How To Make Our 3 Bean Salad

This is one of those throw-it-all-together-and-mix dishes. So simple but with the nutrition variety of 3 different types of beans and some fresh veg to boot! The only prep time needed is for the chopping of onions and cooking of beans (if you are using a dry variety, which we recommend because of the lower sodium levels and smaller environmental footprint vs canned beans). Don't be fooled by the simplicity - this little salad packs a delicious punch! If you like this recipe be sure to check out our wide range of salad recipes on our page.



  1. Cut up all your veggies
  2. Cook and drain the beans and place them in a big bowl.
  3. In a smaller bowl, mix the rest of the ingredients until evenly blended. Pour the mixture onto the beans and mix well.
  4. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

It’s that easy!! Hope you love an easy recipe as much as we do!