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Simple Gifts For Teachers They Really Appreciate

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Simple Gifts For Teachers They Really Appreciate

It is the end of the school year in a few days time! It’s hard to believe a whole year has flown by already! Teachers are the backbone of our society and any parent knows how important they are to their child and the role they play in creating a healthy lifestyle for your family. When it comes to giving teachers thank you gifts or Christmas gifts we want to give something special but also something least likely to create unnecessary waste. With +30 kids in a class, gifts add up quickly. So what gifts are the most appropriate?

We asked the teachers for their list of favourite gifts. With teachers increasingly taking responsibility for setting an example of conscious living for their students, it shouldn't be a surprise that all their top gift requests are plastic free and can be done zero waste!

Top Zero Waste Gifts For Teachers They Will Love!

1. Handwritten or handmade notes and cards of appreciation

This was by far the top request. And it came in many different formats.

  • A handwritten note of appreciation from the parent(s)
  • A handmade card or drawing from the kids with their name on it written in their own handwritting
  • A photo of the child with a message or their name written on the back in their own handwriting. One teacher had this to say about this suggestion “Kids grow so fast and so many filter through our classrooms. Those visual memories I can look back on mean the world to me.”
  • One teacher said she had a parent who interviewed their child a series of questions about their teacher “what is your favourite thing about your teacher, what will you miss most about not being in her class, what is the funniest thing she did this year etc”. She recorded the answers and gave them to each teacher as a gift – it was a HUGE hit.

2. Gift cards and vouchers

It’s no secret that teachers don’t earn very much so gift cards go a long way. The most requested vouchers were:

  • Shopping center vouchers so they can be used on a range of options.
  • Vouchers for massages or spa treatments (from reputable places that are well known, tried and tested)
  • Gift cards for bookstores
  • Vouchers for stationery stores or craft supply stores. Because every teacher has a secret stationery addiction (and they often have to fund their own classroom supplies!).
  • Movie vouchers!!
  • Dinner vouchers for a nice restaurant in the area

3. Some good coffee!!

No surprise that this request came up a lot! Every teacher dreams of being able to finish an entire cup of coffee before it's cold so an effective thermos flask also came up as a frequently requested gift.

4. A donation to an education upliftment or children's charity organisation in their honour.

Bonus points if it is an organization that does work nearby, or an organization you know they appreciate or have chosen to support themselves.

5. Baked Goods or Homemade Edibles

This is such a great gift to give and the options are endless. There were, however, some guidelines that came up:

  • Please check if the teacher has any allergies to bear in mind.
  • Baked goods with a longer shelf life are preferred – like shortbread, rusks or preserves. Why not try your hand at making some healthy chocolate squares, or delicious dark chocolate with this homemade, natural dark chocolate recipe?
  • It’s appreciated if the recipe is included so there are no doubts about ingredients, and the teacher can make it themselves if they really like it.
  • A homemade kit of prepacked dry ingredients with a recipe goes down well. Things like pancakes or scones are popular or try our natural body butter recipe combine with a natural moisturizing soap
  • Don’t forget to consider savoury options: homemade preserves, pickles, olives, relishes, jams or marmalades. You could even make your own easy biltong using this natural homemade biltong recipe.
  • It’s extra special if the kids have added their personal touch to it (decorated the box or the contents for example. Bonus points if they made it themselves).

There are so many options for great zero waste gifts for teachers that they will love and cherish. Now you can spoil your child's teacher knowing your gift will be appreciated!