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Connecting to the Core of Founder Foods

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Connecting to the Core of Founder Foods

Natural wholefoods hold the key to many of our modern-day problems. The food we buy creates a link between our health, our family dynamics, our community and the environment. It's no coincidence that the most natural whole foods have the most positive impact at every point. Wholefood is more than food, it's a tool to transform your world.


We believe in the natural, honest goodness of whole foods.

At Founder Foods we believe there is a simple, natural alternative to all our consumption needs, without the excess and waste. You don't go 'natural', you return. Natural is where it began.

We are passionate about focusing on high-quality wholefoods. We know their importance and the monumental potential they hold for a positive impact throughout our lives and our world. Our food systems have the single biggest impact of any industry globally. At Founder Foods we don't just specialise in wholefoods, we aim to raise the bar in the food industry.

1. We believe naturally simple is ALWAYS naturally better.

The additives and packaging in food seldom add benefit to the end product. These extras are required to get the food through our long food systems of processing, storage, transport, and retail stores. For more details of the extent of this issue check out our article: The 5 Facts The Processed Food Industry Doesn't Want You To Know. When you buy whole foods as direct from the farmer as possible, you can remove these unnecessary extras.

It's better for you ...

Research has proven many times over that a diet rich in whole foods, like whole grains, fruit and vegetables, is the most beneficial diet for our health. When it comes to nutrition there are only 4 rules, that every dietitian and doctor agrees with:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Keep it natural.
  3. Keep it diverse.
  4. Cook it yourself.

It's better for the planet ...

When we eat simple, natural whole foods we skip the resources, waste, single-use packaging and transport of additional manufacturing. We skip the additional risk of contamination and bacteria through extra processing and handling. We walk healthier and tread lighter on the earth.


2. We believe in ethical sourcing, conscious consumption and food safety end to end.

We do our research on how and where our products are produced. We don't do GMO, steer clear of palm oil, stay away from nasty and unnecessary chemical additives, minimise our waste output at every point and reduce our single-use plastics use as far as possible.

When it comes to food, local is lekker for our health and our economy, so we aim to support at very opportunity. Organic isn't always worth the expensive certification farmers are forced to pay (more on this here) but when it is we are sure to offer it.

We strictly adhere to food labeling regulations and food safety requirements. We are passionate about making sure you get quality food and all the information you need to make the right food choices for you. We are proud that one of the top food quality experts in the country shops confidently as one of our customers.


3. We believe in food transparency.

How your food is processed and where it travels from impacts the quality of what you consume at the end. There are many reasons choosing local foods is a healthy food choice for ourselves, our families, our communities and our environment but our current diet is hurting our economy. We believe in transparency of information to allow you to make better buying choices.


4. We believe in the versatility and variety of whole foods.

Using the right variety of whole foods we can nourish our bodies. Using the versatility of natural ingredients we can create the base of all personal care and home care products, eliminating the chemicals and waste from your life. Our natural recipes show you how.


5. We believe in the power of community

No business is an island. We value our communities and believe in creating connection and taking responsibility: first for ourselves, to ensure our practices do no harm, then to help the very young, the very old and those without a voice.

We are not perfect but we believe in the natural, honest, goodness of whole foods. Because it is more than food, it's a tool to transform the world.


6. We believe in the power of education, combined with access to opportunities.

When it comes to creating positive change we need education and access to resources and opportunities. One has little impact without the other. We aim to share our knowledge of food and the food industry, as well as expand the access to whole foods to maximise the potential for positive change. More people making more conscious decisions have the power to create more change.

"It is not the big decisions that change our lives, it is the small everyday decisions" Ali Vincent.

When we change what we know about food, we change what we do with food. When we change what we do with food, we change how we feel about life.



How can you join the natural wholefoods journey?

Shop our range of wholefoods. Join us in store to browse our products, chat to our staff and peruse our resources.

Invite us to speak at your event or organisation about the benefits, uses and impact of wholefoods. Let the experts who live chemical-free and waste-free using wholefoods take you through the practical aspects of living naturally.

Learn about the benefits and uses of whole foods through our product info and natural recipes section.

Join our online membership for premium access to all our natural wholefood recipes. Our recipes cover everything from wholefood eating to living chemical free by using the versatility of whole foods for all your personal care and home care needs.

Start your transformation journey. Let us introduce you to a simpler, healthier and more natural way of living.