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The Alternate Gift List: Gift Experiences That Create Memories

02 Dec 2019

At Founder Foods we believe in the beauty of simplicity. Reconnecting with our health, family, community and environment has far reaching benefits, whether it be with our food, our daily lives or our annual holidays and traditions. When it comes to the tradition of gift-giving it isn’t always the joyous tradition it should be. Many…

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Whole Foods: Fad or Fantastic

12 Sep 2019

The term Whole Foods is becoming increasingly popular but it is often misunderstood and misused. There is no doubt whole foods have numerous benefits. In order to maximise those benefits we need to understand what whole foods really are and what they are not. We need to debunk some of the myths around whole foods.…

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Why Naturally Simple Food Is ALWAYS Naturally Better

20 Jun 2019

The world of food has become a bit of a nightmare to navigate. Words like organic, whole food and natural crop up more and more. But do these titles mean that the product is better for you every time? And then there is the converse negatively associated terms like GMO, processed food, ultra-processed, flavoured, refined…

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Why Cooking Is The Key To Changing The World

31 Jan 2019

We have come to think that doing our bit to manage our waste is the most obvious way for us to have a positive impact on the environment. But, have you ever considered the impact of having a healthy eating plan on the world around you? Years of working towards carefully managing our waste has…

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Simple Gifts For Teachers They Really Appreciate

08 Dec 2018

It is the end of the school year in a few days time! It’s hard to believe a whole year has flown by already! Teachers are the backbone of our society and any parent knows how important they are to their child and the role they play in creating a healthy lifestyle for your family.…

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Natural Crafts And Homemade Gift Ideas For Kids

04 Dec 2018

  In such a consumer driven society it is hard to steer our kids away from the desire and need for things. The irony is often the gifts that weren’t things, are the gifts from our childhood that we remember most fondly. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of inspiration and memory jogging…

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Gift Ideas For Children That Aren’t Plastic Toys

04 Dec 2018

In the time we live in almost everything has some element of plastic in it, especially when it comes to kids toys. The novelty of plastic toys often doesn’t last long and they end up as waste. The irony is the gifts we remember most fondly from our childhood usually aren’t the plastic toys. We…

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Healthy Food Choices 001

Why Eating More Local Foods Is A Healthy Food Choice

16 Sep 2018

30 years ago we ate almost entirely locally grown food. But, over time, our diet has changed and we no longer eat the variety of locally grown foods we used to. At the same time, our rates of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity have increased massively. When it comes to healthy food choices, maybe…

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Healthy Living 004

Why Our Diet Is Hurting Our Economy

11 Sep 2018

South Africa used to be fully self-sufficient from a food perspective. We had some of the most productive farmers in the world and arguably still do. In the last 30 years, we have gone from being a net exporter of food by volume to now being a net importer in almost 60% of all food…

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protecting the environment 001

What It’s Really Like to Live Zero Waste

31 Jul 2018

Living zero waste isn’t the same for everyone. It is location specific and household specific. We all eat different things, shop at different places and have different priorities. Contrary to what many people think, moving to a zero waste lifestyle is not a hugely overwhelming task that takes a lot of time. It is just…

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Zero Waste South Africa 001

Why We Choose to Live Zero Waste in South Africa

26 Jul 2018

When people find out we choose to live zero waste the reactions vary. For some, the concept seems so impossible it can’t possibly be true. Some find meeting someone who actually lives a zero-waste lifestyle fascinating. Many are interested but had written it off as an impractical concept. Many more get stuck on the “why”;…

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save our planet 001

Plastic In Unexpected Places: Your Teabags

09 Jul 2018

Plastic is a hot topic these days and we often immediately think of the obvious plastics, like bags and water bottles. But there are also the hidden plastics to consider.  Plastic isn’t just used as a durable waterproof, airtight packaging option. Plastic heated at high temperatures is also used as a substitute to glue to…

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preserve the environment 001

Why We Can’t Recycle Our Way Out Of The Plastic Problem

04 Jul 2018

In the last decade, we have created more plastic waste than all the plastic produced in the world prior to 2008. What will the next generation have to deal with if we carry on? It’s great that more people are becoming conscious of the plastic problem and making an effort to recycle! But, when it comes…

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environmental conservation 001

Common Recycling Myths Debunked

17 May 2018

For those concerned with living more consciously or zero waste, recycling is likely a part of your daily life. You are probably familiar with the warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing you doing something good. And you absolutely are doing something good! In a world where packaging is unavoidable and constantly not reusable, recycling is…

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environmental protection 004

Your Waste Impact: What You Should Know As A South African

19 Apr 2018

The impact of our waste disposal as South Africans is a bit like our use of drinking water or processed meats – unless there is a major drought or listeria outbreak we don’t think about it. If you do think about your waste you might consider the impact on environmental protection. What if we told…

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Eco-Friendly 001

What Really Happens to Your Household Waste?

19 Apr 2018

How our household waste is managed in South Africa and where it really goes is a question surprisingly few ever think about. Even less of us really know the answer. Most of us are not naive enough to think the process of waste management is eco-friendly but for the most part, we don’t really think…

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The Challenges Your Household Waste Creates: what everyone should know.

19 Apr 2018

As the waste generated per person in South Africa increases, and the movement of people into cities soars, waste is exploding. Cape Town taught us what happens when we use water in dry areas without thinking about it. Maybe its time we paused to think about the challenges our household waste creates … What you…

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Natural Movement 001

The Natural Movement: Get On Board

10 Apr 2018

At some point in the evolution of society we moved from “I think, therefore I am.” to “I consume, therefore I am.”. The wellbeing of the world is measured in growth of how much we buy. Consumption promises happiness but never delivers, instead we are left with an ongoing desire for more. Access to more…

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Healthy Food 001

Connecting to the Core of Founder Foods

05 Apr 2018

Natural wholefoods hold the key to many of our modern-day problems. The food we buy creates a link between our health, our family dynamics, our community and the environment. It’s no coincidence that the most natural whole foods have the most positive impact at every point. It’s more than food, it’s a tool to transform…

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