Hello, Beautiful People! I'm Roxanne McLean, and Founder Foods is my labour of love!

I've been obsessed with natural foods, farming, and the environment most of my life. Knowing how things impact each other so I can focus on what is important and maximise the good aspects is my passion! Nothing exists in isolation, especially with agriculture and food. I love to use my knowledge to reconnect what we eat with the original goodness in natural foods. A trained food ingredients specialist and business strategist, I am also a born speaker and environmental advocate. I LOVE to teach! You can read more about my professional experience in my bio here ...

My trigger point ...

Everyone has their trigger point that makes them shift direction. In 2016 I had mine. I was diagnosed with burn out and a hormone abnormality that required chronic medication. I had spent almost a decade working in large-scale multinational corporate manufacturing managing the food ingredients buying. I loved my work with local and international farmers and the food system. But, a large scale manufacturing environment stretching over many countries is an intense environment to be in. I had to take a step back.

How Founder Foods began ...

Having seen the way food was grown and produced, I understood the importance and pitfalls of natural ingredients. I was involved in the manufacturing of processed foods, household products, and personal care products. I had been continuously exposed to the waste and inefficiencies that the system generated, the disconnect from farmers and the impact of the dying art of home cooking. As a consumer, I also understood my own frustrations with the retail options available for food. I intuitively knew I needed to do something different.

After my step back from the corporate life I started to simplify our lives and focus on the natural essentials. It was through a desire for natural simplicity, that our accidental journey to a more fulfilling, chemical free and zero waste lifestyle became a Natural Movement.

Living More Naturally Transformed Our Lives

Living simply just felt like a natural fit for us. Slowly I started downsizing our clutter and simplifying our shopping. One by one I substituted our manufactured and branded products with basic homemade natural alternatives. What I found was once I simplified down to the natural essentials I could focus on the ingredients themselves, making it easier to pay attention to the quality and origin. It also gave us more opportunity to support local businesses and farmers. By just doing One More Thing consistently to move to a simpler, more natural substitute we were able to slowly transform our lives to an extent we didn't even realise was possible. The process changed where we shopped, what we bought and how we interacted with our community. We had more time and were able to build relationships through our everyday interactions. Life started to feel more fulfilling!


We got healthier ...

What we ate started to change. We started to eat less meat, less store-bought bread and less processed foods. We no longer used products with additives and chemicals. We cooked more at home using simple, natural ingredients and easy recipes. We started to lose weight, gain energy and stopped getting sick, without intentionally trying to do any of those things.


Our waste disappeared ...

The waste reduction happened without us even noticing. We had chosen specific local recycling programs to support in our community. We needed the food scraps for our compost. We bought simpler things in less packaging and were more aware of what we didn't need. All of a sudden we had no need for a bin. Living Zero Waste became a result of the Natural Movement of our journey.

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What we were doing inspired others...

Through my social media and Founder Foods pages what we were doing resonated with others: environmentalists, organisations, schools, parents and those seeking more in life. Many people have joined our family of followers with their own inspiring results and stories. In line with my love for speaking and teaching I regularly do educational talks at high schools and organisations to inspire and teach others about the benefits and importance of natural simplicity in life.

Bridging the gap

Research shows over and over again that simpler, more natural lifestyles are healthier, happier lifestyles. We intuitively know this but struggle with practically implementing it. We are creatures of habit. Changing habits requires effort, but it also requires access.

Through my network of suppliers, I have been able to access all the wholefood ingredients I needed to make the changes in my life. Many of these items are not readily available in store. Founder foods makes these natural wholefoods and ingredients more accessible to more people in more sustainable ways.

Everything we do has an impact on someone or something, somewhere. By making good choices as consumers we can make sure our impact does good. Armed with the right information we see a Natural Movement to a world where each good choice benefits another.


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